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Description QS1A15AH04NA8AA1 is a Drives-AC Servo produced by Sanyo Denki QS1A15AH04NA8AA1 is a Drives-AC Servo produced by Sanyo Denki
Series Q-series servo amplifier
Input Power and Internal Regeneration Setting 200V, With Internal Regeneration Resistor: 50A,100A,150A, Without Internal Registration Resistor: 15A,30A,300A
Amp. capacity 150A
Motor Type Rotary Motor
Control Section Hardware Type Absolute request sensor (ABS-RII, RA062M)
Motor Combination Q Motor Standard Comb.
Applicable Motor Code Q2AA18550R
Sensor Combination Description Red. Wiring Absolute Sensor RA062C 2.5M 17bit
Interface Specification Direct Operation Type (with positioning function)
Specification Single phase specification (AC 200V) - however, only products with amplifier capacity of 15A – 50A
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